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Air conditioning for the domestic market

Why wait until mid summer to make your decision? If circumstances allow, we would recommend a survey to be arranged during the winter months, when there is less demand on an installerís time.

Typical locations for air conditioning / heat pump systems in domestic premises.

- Living rooms
- Studies
- Kitchens
- Conservatories (click here for more information)
- Bedrooms
- Loft Conversions
- Games Room

Good reasons for having air conditioning cooling in a home:

- Too hot (obviously)
- Too humid, especially in summer and autumn
- Canít leave windows open, because of security risk
- Canít open windows in summer because of pollen/hay fever
- Canít open windows because of noise disturbance to
neighbours (e.g. from music room/hi fi systems)
- Study used as home office, becomes uncomfortable in summer
- Study has PC and other electrical equipment which creates
heat problems

Good reasons for having air conditioning/heat pump in a home:

- Heat pumps provide heating as well as cooling in the same unit.
- The heat pump is extremely efficient on the heating operation, having a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of up to 2.5 or 3.0.
COP of 2.5 means that the system will deliver 2.5KW of heat into the room, whilst consuming only 1KW of electricity, i.e. very efficient compared to, say, an electric fan heater or convector.

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All the reasons listed above, PLUS:

- Far more efficient than any other form of electric heating (because of high COPs, as described above)
- Difficult to extend an existing central heating boiler system, e.g. for a conservatory, or extension.
- Difficult to extend an existing central heating boiler system, e.g. for a loft conversion (insufficient height for expansion tank)

Cooling/Heat Pump systems are the most popular, as they are only about 12% more expensive than Cooling Only systems. Even where there is an existing central heating system, it is often cost effective to heat one room only, rather than heat a complete house.

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