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Two categories to consider:

1. Conservatories which are in direct sunlight for most of the day.

For a conservatory of say 4m x 5m, the amount of heat from the sun penetrating the roof and windows in mid summer can be as much as 30KW. To install an air conditioning to cope with this amount of heat would be extremely expensive, and very costly to run, and not very practical.
Even with blinds the heat build up can be very high.
It would be more appropriate to select an air conditioner which was able to cope with moderate heat gains, and which would provide good comfort levels for most of the time. It is important to obtain advice from our project engineer when considering this situation.

2. Conservatories which are not in direct sunlight all day.

The comfort level in this case can be greatly improved by installing a system of about 7KW. It would not be able to cope with the full power of the sun in the middle of summers day, but it would significantly reduce the temperature to a comfortable level for most of the time. It is advisable to ask our project engineers to select a suitable unit, which will depend on the roof/window area, blinds, shading, etc.