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Air conditioning for the commercial market

Typical locations for air conditioning / heat pump systems.

- Individual offices
- Open plan offices
- Meeting rooms
- IT equipment rooms
- Showrooms
- Shops
- Resturants

Good reasons for installing air conditioning cooling in an office:

- Too hot (obviously)
- Too humid, especially in summer and autumn
- High solar gains through windows
- Office equipment generating heat
- Canít leave windows open, because of security risk
- Canít open windows because of noise from traffic, railway, airport, industry
- Canít open windows because wind blows papers, and brings in dust
- Improvement of staff comfort resulting in increased efficiency

Good reasons for installing air conditioning/heat pump systems in an office:

- Heat pumps provide heating as well as cooling in the same unit.
- The heat pump is extremely efficient on the heating operation, having a COP (Coefficient of Performance of up to 2.5 or 3.0.
COP of 2.5 means that the system will deliver 2.5KW of heat into the room, whilst consuming only 1KW of electricity, i.e. very efficient compared to, say, an electric fan heater or convector.)

All the reasons listed above PLUS

- Far more efficient than any other form of electric heating (because of high COPs, as described above).
- Many offices require heating in the early morning, and once the office has warmed up by mid morning, require cooling for the rest of the day.
- Compliance with Part L Building Regulations.
- Enhanced Capital Allowance available on many heart pump systems.
- Cooling/Heat Pump systems are only about 12% more expensive than Cooling Only systems.
- Individual areas can be heated without operating a large central heating system.

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